Candock Tools, Accessories

Candock Tools, Accessories

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Bench G2 (SKU: RL1 or RL2)Bench G2 (SKU: RL1 or RL2)
Cleat (SKU: LK 703025)Cleat (SKU: LK 703025)Plastic cleat that mounts to the outside perimeter of the dock used to moor boats to the Candock dock system.
Connecting Pin- G2 (SKU: LK 703027)Connecting Pin- G2 (SKU: LK 703027)The connecting pin is the main piece holding the Candock cubes together.
Corner Cube - G2 (SKU: LK 703034)Corner Cube - G2 (SKU: LK 703034)
Cube- G2 (SKU: LK 703026)Cube- G2 (SKU: LK 703026)* Limited 20 year Warranty * Fast and Easy Assembly * Lightweight, Sturdy, and Safe * Maintenance Free * Resistant to Pollution
Cube- G2 Low Profile (SKU: LK 703029)Cube- G2 Low Profile (SKU: LK 703029)

Revolutionary ROWING DOCK Technology

During the 2013 Canada Games, Candock developed an innovative product specifically designed to meet the increased demand for rowing dock installations. Standards became more stringent for international competitions and the Candock “ROWING DOCK” series was born! The flotation technology means athletes benefit from an ideal height flotation, regardless of the weight stress on the dock. On the dock edges, the most critical spot for ex

Exterior Lug Connector (SKU: LK 703015)Exterior Lug Connector (SKU: LK 703015)
Exterior Lug Connector-Jetslide (SKU: LK 703015-Jetslide)Exterior Lug Connector-Jetslide (SKU: LK 703015-Jetslide)
G2 Key for Pin-Drill (SKU: RL 208)G2 Key for Pin-Drill (SKU: RL 208)Key for G2 connecting pins when you use a drill to reduce assembly time.
Jet-Slide-G2 (SKU: RT007)Jet-Slide-G2 (SKU: RT007)The Jetslide is a dry dock that can be combined to our other cubes to form a complete system. This system allows you to place your boat in a dry spot without the need of mechanic aid. You simply need to drive your boat on the Jetslide using the boat's energy.
Key for Nut (SKU: AF PF 1)Key for Nut (SKU: AF PF 1)
KEY FOR PIN-G2 (SKU: RL 210)KEY FOR PIN-G2 (SKU: RL 210)Tool used for installing or removing connecting pins.
Nut (SKU: LK 703014)Nut (SKU: LK 703014)
Pile Remover (2 7/8") (SKU: RL 31)Pile Remover (2 7/8") (SKU: RL 31)Custom designed tool facilitating post extraction. To be used with a regular bumper jack.
Piling Bull (2 7/8") (SKU: RL 30)Piling Bull (2 7/8") (SKU: RL 30)Used for faster installation of large diameter pipe.
Piling Driver (1 11/16¨) (SKU: RL 28)Piling Driver (1 11/16¨) (SKU: RL 28)Tool used for installing the smaller diameter pipe for Candock docks.
Piling Driver (2 7/8"¨) (SKU: RL 29)Piling Driver (2 7/8"¨) (SKU: RL 29)Used to install larger diameter pipes on Candock dock systems.
Post Cube-G2 (SKU: ST 012 / ST 013)Post Cube-G2 (SKU: ST 012 / ST 013)
Ratchet Key for Nut (SKU: ML007)Ratchet Key for Nut (SKU: ML007)A socket that fits on to a 1/2" drive ratchet, used for installing large quantities of exterior lug connectors and nuts.
Revolving and Folding Chair G2 (SKU: ST021  ST022)Revolving and Folding Chair G2 (SKU: ST021 ST022)
Sliding Nut (SKU: LK 703013)Sliding Nut (SKU: LK 703013)
Spacer (SKU: LK 703016)Spacer (SKU: LK 703016)
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