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Jet Slide
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Jetslide-Candock's dry dock system

Our patented Jetslide dry dock system protects the hull of your boat. It is specially designed to distribute the weight on the Jetslide instead of on its cubes. The system can be enlarged by adding Jetslide's sections. And since they can be connected without any mobile parts, it can securely support different types of boats.

The highly sophisticated configuration of its entrance facilitates your boarding manoeuvres and assures a smooth arrival on dry dock. When on dry dock, you will benefit from a stable and spacious space to walk around on. As a bonus, you even have an additional parking space on the sides.

Like all our products, the Jetslide is aesthetic, easy to assemble, lightweight and long-lasting. It is also environment-friendly, maintenance free, and will resist to chocks, pollution and UV rays. This is why Jetslide is a revolution in itself!

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Candock G2 Jetslide

Jetslide and Half Jetslide

New for 2011

Jetslides and Half Jetslides are now foam filled!


Fast and Easy to assemble

     •Candocks Jetslide system is fast and simple. All parts are lightweight and easy to assemble.

Environmentally Safe

     •Candocks Jetslides are all made of plastic so the will not oxidize and contaminate the water.

No Moving parts

     •No moving parts means NO maintenance
       No rollers
       No cables
       No lifts= NO PROBLEMS!


Available Colors

     •Grey, Beige, and other colors upon special requests.




        Height - 16" 

        Length - 102"

        Width - 38"

        Weight - 117 lbs


      •Half Jetslide

        Height - 16" 

        Length - 56"

        Width - 38"

        Weight - 50 lbs

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