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***NEW***Jetslide-System ***NEW***

The much anticipated Jet-Slide system for 2018 is here!

Be the first on the lake with a new Candock Jet-Slide system.

Some of the benefits include:

* Better design and aesthetics

* Longer Design

* Crafts slide on and off even easier than before

* Made with High Density resin.

* No more sliding plates.

* No moving parts PERIOD!

* Minimal wear

* Improved V entry allows engines to go further up the Jet-Slide and allowing for more flotation .

* Improved support for the hull of your craft during entry makes for smoother entries.

* Foam filled = No Leaks!

* Improved assembly of you new Jet-Slide system.

Our patented Jet-slide dry dock system protects the hull of your boat. It is specially designed to distribute the weight on the Jet-slide instead of on its cubes. The system can be enlarged by adding Jet-slide's sections. And since they can be connected without any mobile parts, it can securely support different types of boats.

The highly sophisticated configuration of its entrance facilitates your boarding and assures a smooth arrival on dry dock. When on dry dock, you will benefit from a stable and spacious space to walk around on. As a bonus, you even have an additional parking space on the sides.

Like all our products, the Jet-slide is aesthetic , easy to assemble, lightweight and long-lasting. It is also environment-friendly, maintenance free, and will resist to chocks, pollution and UV rays. This is why Jet-slide is a revolution in itself!

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