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G2 Jet-Slide system shown with extra cubes for walking around your boat or pwc.G2 Jet-Slide system shown with optional corner cubes.G2 Jet-Slide system shown for boats up to 13' in length.
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The Jetslide is a dry dock that can be combined to our other cubes to form a complete system. This system allows you to place your boat in a dry spot without the need of mechanic aid. You simply need to drive your boat on the Jetslide using the boat's energy. The Jetslide is larger and therefore can better support your boat. In addition, it will not only support your boat on all its length but also on a 6¨ surface on each side. Other systems will only support the weight of your boat in the center or on the corner of a cube which exercises pressure on the hull.

The Jetslide also has a much studied and specially designed form conceived to adapt to almost any kind of hulls. Our system does not have any mobile parts that can be damaged over time or, for example, rollers that can lock if not properly maintained mostly due to salted water. Some will say that a dry dock system made of small units allows this system to better resist to waves, and it is exactly the truth.

This is the reason why our docks are modular. However, it is not a common use for a dry dock system. When these small units will move with waves under the hull of your boat, the back and forth movement on the hull will wear out your gel coat and also damage your paint in a short period of time. However, is it wise to leave a very expensive boat on a dry dock when waves are over 3 feet (1 m)? But, since the Jetslide is made of one unique very resistant piece, it will not damaged your boat in any way.

The Jetslide system offers you a high capacity flotation; it will then be easier to back up into water than with many other systems where your boat is directly in contact with water or very near the surface line. As a standard feature, Candock also offers you a larger space to move around your boat. The enterance point of our system is at water level; this will eliminate all forms of impact with your boat. This is completely different if you have rollers that deteriorate rapidly under repetitive impacts, or regular cubes that will tear and get full of water rendering the system completely unusable.
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