Candock Tools
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G2 Key for Pin-DrillG2 Key for Pin-DrillKey for G2 connecting pins when you use a drill to reduce assembly time.
KEY FOR PIN-G2KEY FOR PIN-G2Tool used for installing or removing connecting pins.
Pile Remover (2 7/8")Pile Remover (2 7/8")Custom designed tool facilitating post extraction. To be used with a regular bumper jack.
Piling Bull (2 7/8")Piling Bull (2 7/8")Used for faster installation of large diameter pipe.
Piling Driver (1 11/16¨)Piling Driver (1 11/16¨)Tool used for installing the smaller diameter pipe for Candock docks.
Piling Driver (2 7/8"¨)Piling Driver (2 7/8"¨)Used to install larger diameter pipes on Candock dock systems.
Ratchet Key for NutRatchet Key for NutA socket that fits on to a 1/2" drive ratchet, used for installing large quantities of exterior lug connectors and nuts.
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