Candock Tools
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Assembly Key for G2 Pin (Drill)Assembly Key for G2 Pin (Drill)Key for G2 connecting pins when you use a drill to reduce assembly time.
Assembly Key for G2 Pin (Manual)Assembly Key for G2 Pin (Manual)Tool used for installing or removing connecting pins.
Assembly Key for Nut (Ratchet Socket)Assembly Key for Nut (Ratchet Socket)A socket that fits on to a 1/2" drive ratchet, used for installing large quantities of exterior lug connectors and nuts.
Extraction Lever for 2 7/8"Extraction Lever for 2 7/8"Custom designed tool facilitating post extraction. To be used with a regular bumper jack.
Piling Bull (2 7/8")Piling Bull (2 7/8")Used for faster installation of large diameter pipe.
Piling Driver for 1 11/16¨ pipesPiling Driver for 1 11/16¨ pipesTool used for installing the smaller diameter pipe for Candock docks.
Piling Driver for 2 7/8" PipesPiling Driver for 2 7/8" PipesUsed to install larger diameter pipes on Candock dock systems.
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